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Virtual Equitation Challenge Gallery

We wanted to create a way to showcase some of the amazing rounds we received through this competition. So, we have created a gallery of the top 3 from each class! Thank you to everyone who has participated in this competition, we hope you had a great time!

Class 2: Introductory Equitation Walk, Trot, Canter 

     1. Taylor Montez      2. Caroline Mahavier     3. Tabitha Talaber 

TX EQ Virtual Ribbon 1st.png
TX EQ Virtual Ribbon 2nd.png
TX EQ Virtual Ribbon 3rd.png

Class 3: Novice Equitation Over Fences 18" 

     1. Erin Zebrowski     2. Victoria Threadgould     3. Theresa Smith 

Class 4: Novice Equitation on the Flat 

     1. Erin Zebrowski     2. Victoria Threadgould     3. Jayna Syrett